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Search for Australian Dog of the Year 2024 is on!

22 Nov 2023

Not all heroes wear capes — some wear collars and leashes! $10K prize pool including $1,250 to preferred charities!

Dogs have provided companionship to the elderly, therapy to sufferers of physical, emotional and mental health troubles, assistance to people with disabilities and invaluable support in military, conservation, rescue and many other roles.

Because our dogs have made such an incredible impact in our lives, Puppy Tales is proud to once again head up the search for the 2024 Australian Dog of the Year to find the doggo that best represents the essence of the Australian dog – love, courage, inspiration, assistance and friendship! Winners will be announced on Australia Day on 26 January 2024.

“The Puppy Tales’ Australian Dog of the Year aims to celebrate the faithful canine companions who bring us through the ups and downs of life and continue to contribute to society in many ways,” said Kerry Martin, award-winning pet photographer, author and founder of Puppy Tales, a website aimed at helping pet owners make the most of life with their fur family.These awards are inspired by the many amazing dogs Kerry has photographed and met throughout her years of Australian-wide travels.

“Our pets are as wonderfully diverse as our nation and have also made an incredible impact in the lives of people, the environment or other animals,” she said. “We want to recognise pooches from across Australia for services they provide in communities, to humans and their unyielding devotion in the face of sadness, tough times and the occasional vacuum cleaner!”

Prizes valued over $10K!In its fourth year, 2024 Australian Dog of the Year winners, nominees and voters will receive prizes worth more than $10,000.

“The Australian Dog of the Year Award pays it forward with a generous donation from Puppy Tales to the winner’s preferred charity and recognises the work they do for communities across the country, particularly in these challenging times,” said Kerry.


$1000 Donation to Charity / NFP of their Choice

Photography Session & 'The Bailey' Collection from Puppy Tales (minimum value $4000)

Personalised trophy of the winning dog (value $300)

Media Campaign with Pet Journo announcing your title to the Australian Media

$250 Pet Circle Gift Card

People's Choice

$250 Donation to Charity / NFP of their Choice

Photography Session and Large Canvas from Puppy Tales (Value $1250)

Media Campaign with Pet Journo announcing your title to the Australian Media

$100 Pet Circle Gift Card

Nominee Prize Draw (x10)

$450 Puppy Tales Photography Gift Card

Voters in the People's Choice Prize Draw (x10)

$450 Puppy Tales Photography Gift Card

Ways in which dogs aid people and communities

Jack was brought to SASH as a stray in 2022 and then adopted by Dr Lydia Poad, a veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon at the hospital. She now brings Jack with her to work most days. His job -- to spread love and joy to patients and staff!

Dr Poad says: "Jack deserves a medal because of the immense amount of joy he brings to people. He's always up for a cuddle or to play with staff members at SASH and you can't help but smile when he's around."

Important dates 

Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, 16 January 2024 Nomination deadline is 8pm on Sunday, 14 January 2024

Voting for the People’s Choice of the finalists will also commence on January 16th and will close at 12pm on Thursday, 25 January 2024.

Winners will be announced on Australia Day (Friday, 26 January 2024) on Puppy Tales’ Facebook page.

Which dogs can be nominated? 

Some of the kinds of dogs that are encouraged to enter are (but not limited to):

  • Guide dogs or hearing dogs

  • Therapy dogs visiting ill people in hospitals  

  • Dogs who have helped someone with disabilities or health challenges

  • Dogs in reading programs or assistance at schools

  • Dogs involved in wildlife detection or protection

  • Dogs who have located, rescued or saved people, or other pets

  • Police and combat dogs,Other working dogs

  • Dogs that are blood donors

  • A best friend who has gotten you through a tough time!

“ALL the amazing dogs who've been a support, best friend or true companion are encouraged to enter!” said Kerry. “Not all have an incredible, special talent, but there’s no doubt they have all changed the lives of their humans.”

 If your dog represents the true spirit of Australia by being courageous, loving or in any way amazing, nominate them now for a chance to be recognised for the awesome doggo they are and win fabulous prizes to spoil them silly!

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